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SC Presentation MTP Cassette

Sale price£72.00


The Connectix Starlight® Pre-terminated Plug and Go Fibre System provides the Rapid Fibre Deployment market with an extremely cost effective, expandable and high speed system.

The Starlight® Modular Panel and cassettes have been designed to simplify installation, and offer users an easy to expand modular system. Starlight® modular panels can accept 4 or 10 unloaded cassettes, which are simply inserted and locked into the panel by push/pull pins.

For upgrading or maintenance purposes, cassettes can be easily unlocked and removed from the panel. Starlight® cassettes are factory pre-terminated and available in 6 duplex SC, and 6 and 12 duplex LC options. MTP® brand connectors simply plug into the rear of the cassette, and inside pre-terminated multiple fibre cable splits out to either LC or SC connectors at the front.


    • Expandable modular system
    • 1u or 3u capacity
    • Quality controlled factory pre-terminated cassette
    • 4 or 10 modular panel options
    • Utilises High Density MTP® brand connectors
    • Reduces installation time and costs
    • Compact and easily removable cassette